About Me

I am a 26 year old graduate from University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Environment with four years of work experience in my field, specializing in GIS, remote sensing and software development. Outside of work and school, I enjoy practicing saxophone and composing music, as well as setting up jam sessions with fellow jazz musicians. On top of playing cool jazz, I enjoy partaking in hackathons, creating small but useful side projects.


ArcGIS 7 years experience
Java 10 years experience
Linux 9 years experience
Python 8 years experience
VB.NET 7 years experience
Knowledgeable with other GIS software (ArcGIS Online, QGIS, GRASS, GDAL, PostGIS, Geomatica)
Familiar with web development, MySQL, and Android app development


University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Environmental Studies; Honours Geography and Environmental Management, Geomatics option April 2018

Graduated from the Faculty of Environment's Honours Geography and Environmental Management program with co-op and the Geomatics option. Achieved a rating of Excellent at all placements, and completed undergrad with an optional senior honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Derek T. Robinson focusing on agent-based modeling.



Algorithms Engineer October 2018 - Present

Developing and contributing to the S1TBX team for the European Space Agency's open source remote sensing tool SNAP, and leveraging the image processing libraries in SNAP to improve image quality on the SkyWatch EarthCache platform through microservices on AWS.


GIS Data Growth Coach October 2019 - Present

A part time, contract-based position involving assisting various companies within the Communitech network with leveraging spatial data to solve business needs on a 1 on 1 appointment basis.

University of Waterloo

Cartographic Reference Assistant May 2015 - April 2018

Worked part-time at the front desk of the Geospatial Center at Waterloo's Dana Porter Library during study terms. I provided assistance to patrons by solving GIS issues in multiple software platforms, finding geospatial data for their projects, as well as locating and scanning airphotos and maps. In addition to assisting patrons, I also assisted the center by developing GIS tools and applications such as automatic airphoto tile management tools, census formatting tools, and the creation of many software tutorial packages.

AgriFoods Canada

Geomatics Technician September 2017 - December 2017

Worked under the supervision of Bahram Daneshfar to produce a crop forecasting model using Markov chains. In testing, the software was able to predict what crops were going to be grown next year with up to 70% accuracy in some cases. I produced extensive documentation for future end users and developers of the software product to ensure that the tool can be maintained in the future. Additionally, I repaired production scripts and replaced sections using Arcpy with equivalent GDAL functions and deployed the new open source GIS scripts into production, and repaired the historical faulty outputs from the production code.

AgriFoods Canada

Geomatics Technician May 2016 - August 2016

Assessed four methods of point interpolation (Thin Splines, Natural Neighbours, Kriging, and IDW) on precipitation and heat unit data obtained from weather stations across Canada to assess which interpolation method worked best on each datasets, applying cross validation and regression for a robust method of data validation. As well as interpolation analysis, I developed an algorithm in Python using SciPy to rescale historical ECV soil moisture satellite data for proper time-series analysis with current SMAP data. Assisted with the Canadian Crop Inventory data collection by operating a tablet on the road with ArcPad to collect crop types across Southern Ontario.

AgriFoods Canada

Geomatics Technician September 2015 - December 2015

Designed and created a user-friendly interface using VB.NET to assist in running the Canadian Crop Yield Forecast (CCYF) model to decrease chances of user-error. In addition to designing the interface for CCYF, I debugged and added features to the model written in R, Python, and Fortran, adding functionality when necessary. I wrote a detailed user and software manual for the interface to ensure that future users and developers of the product could continue using and improving it.

University of Waterloo

GIS Technician January 2015 - April 2015

Troubleshot complex GIS and remote sensing question that arise from patrons, as well as led classes for upper years and graduate classes on a wide range of GIS topics, from the basics of GIS to advanced spatial analysis. Developed new online tutorial packages for patrons to use and reference.